Cem Derin

Starting a statically generated Blog

written on 6th July, 2019 by Cem Derin

10 years ago, I've regulary published posts in my blog called "Der PHP Hacker". I've published in german only and it was all about software and web development with PHP. It was quite known in germany and mentioned in some books and magazines. After some years I lost interest in continuing it but left it online. I've moved into an freelancer role, founded a company and moved all my domains and servers to the company. Unfortunately the company was closed down and before I was able to reclaim my domains, they where taken over by domain parking services or SEO guys. My blog history is lost (in some way) and I gave up on this topic. But the urge to write down and share thoughts, insights, opinions and even random stuff never left.

A few month ago I decided to ressurect my very own homepage and decided to not to use WordPress (I am a very string WordPress entheausiast though) and create it with a static site generator. All solutions I've screened where too bloated or complicated, so I decided to write one on my own.

It's a very, very basic generator which uses markdown files as content medium and pug files for presentation. Along with CSS and JS everything a simple html page needs. By today I decided to use it for blogging and was about to switch everything to WordPress. But why? Why not to create another MD file and start blogging? Why spend days or even weeks to create a theme? Why setting up a webserver with php and mysql? A lot of whys which I don't have an answer for. And here we are: I've started blogging without software. I've just created a new MD file. I saved a whole bunch of time not to set up a WordPress instance.